An efficient and technologically advanced galvanic plant.

Galvanic Plants

UberPlants Italia designs and realises automatic and manual galvanic plants.

Each installation is realised according to the specific needs of the client and all the plants are realised with great attention to minimum details, proposing solutions for the optimisation of the process, improvement of production times, and reduction of maintenance costs.

The design and technical drawing of the galvanic lines and support structures, is carried out using three-dimensional CAD systems that allow showing the client how the plant will actually be realised.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the sector, know-how, and highly qualified personnel, we are able to supply “turnkey” plants; in addition, we offer post sales assistance services and financial technical consultancies advising the client to satisfy his needs and the efficiency of the services.

Apart from the production of new galvanizing plants, the company offers the modification, revision, and broadening of existing plants and the supply of single components and spare parts.
Our qualitative level is high thanks to the attention to details and use of first choice materials and equipment.

Water Purification and Treatment

UberPlants Italia designs and realises industrial water purification and treatment plants. The purification cycle consists in a succession of more processes of chemical, physical, and biological nature, during which, the undesired substances are removed from the waste water, which are then concentrated in form of muds, generating waste water that can be introduced into public sewers.

The management and control of our plants occurs through one or more electric panels equipped with PLC and touch screen, to allow the operator to interact with all the devices connected to it.

The complexity of these plants depends on the type of application and type of industrial process.

Recovery e Refining

In the galvanic sector, the recovery of precious materials, such as gold and palladium, which are used in the finishing processes, covers a fundamental role for the optimization of production costs.

Thanks to our multiyear experience in the galvanizing sector and specifically in fashion accessories, our company can realise plants able to efficiently recover precious metals coming from by-products of galvanic processing.

Analysis Lab

Our laboratory executes chemical analyses on primary, process, and sewage waters and on galvanic baths.
In addition, we can execute the analysis of the ionic exchange resins to determine the life status of the resin and evaluate possible replacement.
We carry out analyses on the chemical physical plants to improve the entire process or the single phases apart from executing laboratory tests with the aim of identifying the best active carbon for the studied process.

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